Task scheduler cannot create the task the user account is unknown windows 10

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Jan 18, 2013 · Note To do this, you click Change User or Group under When running the task, use the following user account in the task settings. In this scenario, you cannot create or change the task. Additionally, you cannot schedule tasks by using the Microsoft account even if you sign in to the computer by using the Microsoft account.
To see the current tasks click Refresh. The message appeared twice – once for each task that didn’t exist anymore. On top of that, the same messages appear multiple times – once when I opened the Task Scheduler, and a second time when I navigated to the folder that contained the missing tasks. While the message didn’t stop me from using ... I could of course log in as the desired domain account and create the task but since this account is a account used for running services I want to avoid creating a user profile on the machine. windows-server-2008 scheduled-task

In the Scheduled Tasks page and add the application from your project to the Windows Task Scheduler. Using the [ New Task ] toolbar button or the “New Task” context menu item, the Edit Task dialog will be displayed allowing you to specify the task settings. In the Schedule tab you can specify the task to be executed at user logon.